Why Buy SNUG?

Snug Home Group looks to provide top quality, quick to build, highly insulated and environmentally friendly home improvement solutions, giving a legitimate alternative to more traditional building methods.

Choosing the right Snug product for you will improve your home, your quality of life and all while adding value to your home.  Read some of the benefits listed below, and the disadvantages of other methods.

 Benefits of Snug’s Structurally Insulated Panel


Outstanding features of the Snug System:


  • Adds value to your home
  • SIP system that’s quicker to fit
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Significantly reduces rain noise and glare
  • Beautiful finishes
  • Super strong wooden structure
  • Eliminates condensation
  • Meets building regulations
  • By conserving heat/cold within a structure, the panels are energy efficient
  • The panels are lightweight and easy to install.
  • The product is cost effective because it gives the building high levels of insulation included within the system
  • Guaranteed to be 100% waterproof.
  • Fire retardant.


Advantages over the normal brick and block method of construction:


  • Reduction in ‘mess’, what is delivered to site is used, no cutting, therefore no waste.
  • Speed, using the SNUG system allows the structure to be built and waterproofed in a third of the time that it takes with traditional building methods.
  • SNUG allows a builder to reduce the number of trades required, particularly bricklayers, replacing them with semi-skilled labour.
  • The SNUG system can be erected in almost any weather, allowing the building to be completed on time.

Disadvantages of Using Masonry


  •  New thermal and air-tightness regulations make it difficult and expensive
  •  Heavily dependent on expensive ‘wet’ trades
  •  Heavily affected by weather
  •  Slower build time meaning more man hours
  •  High labour costs
  •  Walls are thicker, therefore greatly reducing floor space
  •  Poor ‘Green’ credentials

Disadvantages of Using Timber


  •  Crane Required on site for lifting full walls
  •  Time consuming if not full walls
  •  Susceptible to fire
  •  Heavily dependent on vapour barrier, damage to which causes damp / rot problems
  •  Potential shrinkage in timber, causing unsightly cosmetic cracks in plaster
  •  Soundproofing can be a problem
  •  Volatile wood prices
  •  Dependent of availability of construction quality timber

To get a quote please 'contact us' and we will arrange for one of our accredited installers or a SNUG CONSULTANT to visit you. They will discuss your requirements, explain your options and produce your quote, usually within 24 hours.