What Are SIPs?

Our SIPs provide a tailor made solution for the challenges facing domestic homes, social housing providers and landlords across the country.

A super strong, highly insulated structural panel.

SIPs or Structurally Insulated Panels are sometimes referred to as Sandwich Panels due to their appearance and method of manufacture.

They are produced by high pressure injection of premium quality BASF Structural Polyurethane Foam between two sheets of board, either OSB 3, MGO, or Cement Particle Board, depending on the environment the product is to be used in. This combination is then put under extreme pressure in one of our jigs and left to cure therefore creating a super strong, highly insulated structural panel.

Panels being pressed & cured under extreme pressure
Snug SIPs are super strong

Although new to the domestic market, Structural Panels have been around in various forms for over 50 years and have a proven track record within the industry. They have been used for homes and commercial projects around the world such as America, Europe and the UK. As technology has improved so has our state of the art factory and we now feel we produce the best SIPs anywhere in the world. Not only do we make the panels but we also able to precisely cut them to architectural dimensions and produce our own roof and extension kits.

These products are preformed at our factory before delivery ensuring super fast installation on site. We even produce complete houses either predesigned or bespoke.

Precision cut SIP Panels

All Snug products are permanent structures and will easily stand the test of time. Because we manufacture and cut the panels using our high tech machinery in our own factories we are able to monitor quality control at every stage, ensuring the product you receive is manufactured precisely. Not only that but the fewer people in the supply chain the lower the cost.

Preforming every product before it leaves our factory guarantees fast installations and builds, saving up to 70% of time on site. Being precision cut also means up to 70% less waste to be removed from site, therefore saving you money, causing less disruption to your home life and meaning you can enjoy the new add on to your home much, much sooner.

Manufactured to 'U Value' Regulations

We manufacture our panels to exceed “U Value” regulations set by building control and if needed we can produce our panels with any “U Value” requirement. The polyurethane foam is manufactured specifically for us and is non flammable also causing zero Ozone depletion.

Currently the insulated cores of our panels are a market leading 44kg/m3 density. Once cured our panels are then seamlessly formed to a required design using cutting edge CNC machines and Solidworks 3D software.

The Build Process

Our SIPs are one of the most versatile building components on the market today and can accommodate any modern or traditional finish such as brick, render, wood cladding, brick slips and other specialist coatings.

A permanent structure which stands the test of time.

Perfect for sites with difficult access.

Super fast install of extension, roof or new home build.

Weather tight with 1 day for roofs, 2/3 for extensions.

70% reduction in build time and site waste.

Reduction in wet and weather sensitive trades.

Designs for manual handling.

Predominantly dry site process.

Factory quality designed in 3D with CAD/CAM manufacturing.

All insulation preinstalled.

Reduced risk and improved safety.

Suitable for all traditional finishes.

Suitable for lightweight and deskilled alternative finishes.

No cold bridging.

Very strong eco-friendly attributes.

Structural Engineers Certificate with every build.

BOPAS certification available.