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Why use a Snug Home kit?

The Snug Home kit was originally conceived to make domestic construction quicker and easier, all while providing better insulation in a top quality product which is better for the environment.

SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) have been doing this on an industrial scale for many years, be it houses, hotels or the London Olympic Village to name a few.

Now we’ve made it affordable for the domestic market, supplying many extension and new house kits.

Perfect for the Self-Builder & Building / Construction Trade

Simplicity is the key.. Most standard extension kits being complete structures by the end of day one. Please view the animation below.  More bespoke complicated ones can run into day two.  Two storey extensions can take between two and five days to build, again depending on design and ability.

The kit replaces all block work, insulation, trusses, roof and massively reduces, in some cases eliminates the need for hiring trades.  Our product is the structure itself. If you require a two storey extension then we can supply that too. Or a complete new house.

Our target audience has always been the building trade, but the self-build market has grown organically due to word of mouth and the simple design of our kit.

We categorise the self builder into three different categories. There’s the Project Manager, Team Manager or Sole Builder.  Most will fall in to one of these..

Project Manager

wants to supply materials, bring in the labour and manage the process.

Team Manager

skilled or has a trade in construction, can also call on friends/colleagues in the trade to help with the build.

Sole builder

has excellent DIY skills and capable in most trades. Someone who can complete the project alone or with occasional unskilled labour.

The good news is that which ever category you fall in to, the utter simplicity of Snug Home’s products will work for you.  Our bread and butter are simple domestic extensions, usually rectangular with a Lean To style roof. Perhaps with roof lights and bi-fold doors.

However we also produce many bespoke extension designs as well as complete houses.  You simply send us your design with dimensions and we can provide you with our structural kit price.  We will also tell you what else you need to finish your build depending on the finish you require.

3D Model - Home Extension

An example CAD drawing of a typical Lean To extension that we produce for our customer’s approval before manufacture. Bespoke extensions and other design types available.

So what is included in a Snug Home kit?... And what isn't?


Type: Lean To Extension 6m x 3m internal dimensions

Build Time: 1 day


  1. Walls – 100mm SIP panels. Height at lowest part – 2.400mm.
  2. Roof – 150mm SIP panels, pitch 15 degrees.
  3. Form all wall and roof openings for windows, doors and rooflights.
  4. Steel goalpost for door opening.
  5. Head and soleplates.
  6. Breather membrane.
  7. Standard engineers’ calculations for Building Control submission.
  8. All fixings and sealants required.
  9. DPC
  10. 15mm x 30mm OSB service void battens for the walls.
  11. Delivery


Structural Kit (Retail): £4250.00 + VAT

Structural Kit (Trade): £Discounts available


  1. Eaves guard, Fascia, Gutters
  2. We can supply TAPCO PLASTIC SLATE tiles and roof lights too, however most people use concrete tiles and have their own window supplier. However, prices can be requested.


  1. If using standard beam & block foundations the kit is built on top of the beams before the screed in laid.
  2. Windows and doors, timber studs are included within the panel and which makes fitting of the frames easy.
  3. Roof covering, all types can be accommodated including concrete tiles.
  4. External finish, standard brickwork, only needs a 50mm cavity, all types of cladding, brick slips and render which are applied on top of an EPS carrier. Snug can supply the EPS carrier systems.
  5. First fix electrics and plumbing. The service void battens create a void for cables making installation simple.
  6. Plasterboard and skim to walls and ceilings. The Snug kit includes service void battens for the walls and ceiling. Plasterboard, 15mm fireline is required, is nailed to the battens.
  7. Insulated screed or timber to floor.
  8. Skirting and any second fix joinery.
  9. Second fix electrics and plumbing.

Why Choose Snug?

Ideal for Builders & Trade

Structurally insulated panels (SIPs) are fast becoming the expert’s choice for building.

Increase your turnover

If you are a builder by trade looking to double or triple your turnover, our fast build kits will save you time and money.

Highly Insulated & Quick to Build

A contemporary alternative to traditional building methods, reducing or eliminating waste and time on site by up to 70%.

Quality Control & Assurance

Building the Snug Extension Kit at our factory and passed tight quality control procedures, before it is delivered to you.

Fast Turnaround

We offer a unique service with a quick turn around from enquiry to quotation.

Competitively Priced

More affordable than other building methods, as we manufacture them ourselves so are able to pass the savings to you.

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