What our customers are saying...

We’ve only had our new roof a week or so, and we are soooo pleased with it. The tiles match the ones on our house and it really transforms the conservatory. It now looks very solid and like a proper part of the house. No more ugly Poly-whatever-roof that we had before, which we hated but couldn’t afford better at the time. We didn’t opt for windows in it, just had the inside painted white and it still feels as light as ever. We had some spot lights fitted too which look really cool. Its soooo much warmer too, you can definitely notice it in the evenings. We never use our conservatory usually as it was too cold, especially at night, and the radiator was always off because it was a waste of time trying to heat it. But I can genuinely say that the room now warms up and stays warm, its a great place to sit and read my magazines or go on my iPad in the evenings, while the boys watch whatever it is they watch on TV in the lounge.

I am more than happy to leave a review about my Snug Garden Room which I had built in my garden to use an an office. We have 4 young kids and run a family business from home which has out grown the spare room. Our bedroom and conservatory are full of box files. We have looked at several ideas for creating a bigger home working space. We’ve seen other so called garden rooms, which were little more than oversized sheds by the way, but we were set on a costly extension. I was put onto Snug buy a friend who had his roof done by them, I met Steve who told me about their garden rooms and I ordered one. Ours is 5m X 3.5m and when you are in there with the sliding doors shut, you could be in your home. It’s definitely at the top level when it comes to quality, not the cheapest but the only one you could honestly call a garden room. Most definitely worth every penny.

My wife and I had been considering replacing our conservatory roof with a solid one for the last few years, for a number of obvious reasons which anyone who has a conservatory would know about. Snug Roofs were far better value than the others we approached, by a lot in some cases not so much in others, but being a builder who has worked with SIPS, it was an easy choice. Brilliant system, amazingly quick, a beautiful finish and very impressed. More importantly the cost of the roof has been swallowed by the increase in our properties value, which will always increase has the house does. Good business decision if nothing else.

We recently had a new Snug lean-to roof fitted on our conservatory to replace our ageing glass one which was about 13 years old. We had a slate look finish which you can’t even distinguish from real slate, even close up. The whole thing looks beautiful and it’s true about the warmth, we no longer have to shut the sliding doors. My conservatory is now my reading room which I use every night. Thank you Snug

We were asked by Snug to write an honest message, happy or not so here goes……… My parents who are long retired and not at all computer friendly (hence me writing this at their behest) have just upgraded their conservatory roof to a Snug Roof, and a big roof it is too! It doesn’t seem to have any effect on the light coming in at all, the ceiling is white with roof lights anyway so it’s nice and bright. The conservatory is huge in itself and was being used as store room/work shop for my dad. It is now host to a new dining table, which they sit around most evenings drinking wine! I would say that’s a job well done wouldn’t you?

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