Orangery Roof

Is it time to upgrade your orangery roof?

An ORANGERY is a very different structure to that of a CONSERVATORY, mainly due to the fact that they are a heavier construction with less glass.

Neither is better than the other, it just tends to depend on the architecture that either design relates to. The biggest difference would be in the roof itself. A CONSERVATORY roof is entirely glass whereas an ORANGERY has a glazed lantern, whose footprint is smaller than that of the roof upon which it sits.

The SNUG ROOF cannot only be used for CONSERVATORIES, but for ORANGERIES too.

Our lightweight, super strong, highly insulated SIP (Structurally Insulated Panel) is very versatile and can be manufactured for any BESPOKE ORANGERY ROOF, capable of supporting the largest of lantern windows. As is often the case, our roofs are used as replacements for existing roofs, but can indeed be used in the initial construction of any ORANGERY.

The quality and design of our product is second to none. A huge effort has been made designing SNUG systems to cause the least amount of stress and disruption to the customer’s life. This is because the SNUG ROOF has been manufactured to go together quickly and easily once on site, therefore completing your roof comparatively quickly, using one of our accredited installers.

We can also provide complete ORANGERY DESIGNS, please see our OTHER PRODUCTS page. So if you have an interest in a new ORANGERY ROOF or an ORANGERY itself, please CONTACT US.

To get a quote please 'contact us' and we will arrange for one of our accredited installers or a SNUG CONSULTANT to visit you. They will discuss your requirements, explain your options and produce your quote, usually within 24 hours.