Olympics 2012

Olympian qualities: strong, fast and competitive!

The SNUG SIP (Structurally Insulated Panel) developed by our sister company FT Structure, which serves the building industry, was the official building material used in both the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and one you might remember very well, the London 2012 Olympics. The system at the time was called Panablock. It was used in building the Olympic villages which housed the athletes and staff, and was selected for its quality and speed of construction. To be selected for use in such a prestigious project is an honour, but also says a lot about the calibre of our products.

The Olympic villages are just two examples of the many domestic and overseas projects that Panablock has been involved in. Panablock has been used in many countries for many different reasons, be it housing for disaster zones or social housing abroad, to building hotels and apartment block here at home.

SNUG HOME KITS has been formed to bring all those years of knowledge, expertise and experience to the Home Improvement market.


To get a quote please 'contact us' and we will arrange for one of our accredited installers or a SNUG CONSULTANT to visit you. They will discuss your requirements, explain your options and produce your quote, usually within 24 hours.