The SnugHomeKits Build Process






A super strong, highly insulated structural panel.

SIPs or Structurally Insulated Panels are sometimes referred to as Sandwich Panels due to their appearance and method of manufacture.

They are produced by high pressure injection of premium quality BASF Structural Polyurethane Foam between two sheets of board, either OSB 3, MGO, or Cement Particle Board, depending on the environment the product is to be used in. This combination is then put under extreme pressure in one of our jigs and left to cure therefore creating a super strong, highly insulated structural panel.

Our SIPs are one of the most versatile building components on the market today and can accommodate any modern or traditional finish such as brick, render, wood cladding, brick slips and other specialist coatings.


Snug Home Kits Launch Fast Track Building Solutions for Your Home.

We are the domestic UK arm of FT Structure Group. FTS Group was formed in 2011 to serve the global building industry with innovative products, evolved from our patented Panablok system.
expertise with the home improvement market.  We are now ready to share that expertise with the home improvement market. Using knowledge and experience gained over many years, we have
developed Snug Home Kits offering a range of superior home improvement products.

Where our system has been used?


Our biggest claim to fame was having our system used in the London Olympic Athletes Village. Our systems have constructed housing in Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Kazakhstan and Zambia, schools in South Africa plus many projects in the UK, including housing, hotels, schools and community centres.

We manufacture our own products


We established our factory in 1996, manufacturing Panablok and other construction products. We have 80,000 sq ft of factory space and an established workforce. FTS group manufactures
the Snug range and housing for the UK and overseas, plus furniture frames for retailers such as DFS, Multiyork, and kitchens for Harvey Jones.