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Eco Fast-Build House Kits Meet New U-Values

With ever increasing regulation concerning insulation for new house construction, and the urgency to complete quickly, are there better options than brick and block and timber frame? The answer is yes.

Snug Home Group is an innovative company that manufactures highly insulated, eco friendly, fast build extensions and warm replacement roofs. Our kits are made from SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) that we manufacture and cut to design.  We’ve been supplying the industry for many years building hotels and houses both here and abroad, and projects such as the London Olympic Village.

Surprisingly cost isn’t the biggest complaint people have when they look back on their extension project. Home Extensions can take aslong as 8-16 weeks 16 weeks or even longer. The builder disappearing to start other jobs. It’s all too common and very stressful. A Snug Home Group extension can cut build times by up to 70%.

This means less disruption in your life and no need for the builder to start other jobs in the middle of yours!  We are happy to be involved at any stage from first thoughts, to final design or completing the build. Let Snug turn your home improvement dreams in to reality.

Technical Information

The first picture is a roof section, showing the different layers:


  1. Ceiling plasterboard on battens, battens create a service void for cables.
  2. SIP panel
  3. Grey is breather membrane
  4. Then roof tiles on battens. Battens are vertical battens then cross battened. This creates air flow under the tiles and also gives an escape route for a water that penetrates the tiles. Water will not go through the breather membrane.

Recent Home Build Project

Recent Home Extension Project

Our approved builder added a sunroom with an orangery roof to the back of this house, as well as extending and adding a pitch roof to the garage, giving the family a fantastic cinema/games room.

Highly Insulated & Quick to Build

A contemporary alternative to traditional building methods, reducing or eliminating waste and time on site by up to 70%.

Quality Control & Assurance

Building the Snug Extension Kit at our factory and passed tight quality control procedures, before it is delivered to you.

Fast Turnaround

We offer a unique service with a quick turn around from enquiry to quotation.

Competitively Priced

More affordable than other building methods, as we manufacture them ourselves so are able to pass the savings to you.

Suitable for many designs and many properties

Our kits can be built upon different foundations types including traditional and modern screw pile systems.

Home Extension Options

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