Snug Home

We Design & Manufacture
Highly Insulated Bespoke House Kits

Bespoke, High Quality Home Builds

We design and manufacture bespoke houses, using our tried and tested SIP construction process.

You’re house would arrive after being preformed and checked at our factory ready for quick assembly on site.  Whether you want one of our pre approved designs to build and monetise, or you have your own depiction of a dream home, we are experts at turning ideas into reality.  Every Snug product, home, extension and roof comes with an engineers certificate confirming it meets the required building regulation standards.

Our unique SIP process offers the highest standards in quality, being delivered quickly with minimal waste and disruption to your life.

For Large Scale Home Development Projects

We build housing developments in the UK and overseas including disaster sites, social housing, hotels and dream homes.

Technology moves fast and we want to stay out in front when it comes to construction techniques. Brick and block builds are becoming more expensive due to the decline in materials needed to produce the block, and the lack of tradesmen to actually complete the build. Not to mention the time it takes and it’s weather dependency.

Even timber frame  construction is slow, cumbersome and messy in comparison with our system.

We use local, high calibre & reputable builders

We will endeavour to help you throughout the process of building a home or homes in whichever capacity suits you.  Whether it be the architectural drawings or dealing with planning and building authorities, or just supplying the kit, we can put together a personal package for you.

Quickbase Foundation System

As with our extension kits, once designed and approved your home would be produced and preformed at our factory before being delivered to site. Working alongside our associate partner Shire Structural Engineers and their QuickBase Foundation System, we would expect to have your foundations completed in less than a third of the time it takes to excavate them traditionally.

Working alongside our associate partner Shire and their QuickBase Foundation System, we would expect to have your foundations completed in less than a third of the time it takes to excavate them traditionally.

Strucural Integrity
from Design to Build

Our kits provide all the structural integrity and insulation for the build and fit together rapidly.

Being water tight should take around 5 days from the completion of foundations for a standard house type. Once at this stage you can begin finishing the inside while the outside finish of brick, brick slip, render, or wood panelling to name a few, is still being completed. We would expect the whole process to take well under half the time, nearer a third in fact, of a traditional build.

Fast Build Times

A semi-detached house was built in just eight weeks.

In the example depicted here, a site in Liverpool, the time taken from the first shovel in the ground, to the occupants moving into the first two semi-detached houses was eight weeks.

That in itself is impressive but our system has improved even further since partnering with QuickBase, offering shorter build times, fewer deliveries to site, less waste to dispose of, better insulation, better for the environment, and better for your pocket.