SNUG's purpose is to serve the home improvement market with customers in both the trade and general public.

SNUG HOME GROUP was developed to serve the building industry.

We look to provide top quality, practical and affordable solutions to people who are looking to improve their homes in some way. We are able to do this because we produce our own products in our own factories.

The first picture is a roof section, showing the different layers:


  1. Ceiling plasterboard on battens, battens create a service void for cables.
  2. SIP panel
  3. Grey is breather membrane
  4. Then roof tiles on battens. Battens are vertical battens then cross battened. This creates air flow under the tiles and also gives an escape route for a water that penetrates the tiles. Water will not go through the breather membrane.

All of our products are based on our Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP). Our panel was originally developed by our Director under the name OF PANABLOCK over 20 years ago, and has evolved into the product we have today.

The system has been used in many construction projects both here and abroad SINCE IT’S CONCEPTION. It’s used by domestic councils in social housing projects, used in Europe and third world countries to build homes and HAS PROVIDED A SOLUTION at disaster sites.

HOWEVER our biggest claim to fame was that it was used to build the Olympic Villages AT both the Bejing Olympics in 2008, and London 2012. Panablock has also been used to build many hotels, such as the Hotel Indigo in Liverpool and Tower Bridge Hotel in London.

With over 20 years of UPGRADES AND service to the industry, we are now ready to enter the home improvement market, and share our experience in product design with smaller businesses and the general public. We identified within the home improvement market some key areas where we felt our product would provide an environmental, top quality and cost effective building solution. These areas are Home Extensions, Replacement Conservatory, Garden Rooms and Orangeries.

Our SIP is perfect for each area, providing an environmental, super strong, highly insulated and lightweight solution. We take an approved design for an extension or garden room for example, put it though to our CAD department and produce the drawing that our factory use to MANUFACTURE the product. Our SIP’s are then cut to plan, including windows, DOORWAYS, electrics etc, and arrives to our customer in simple to build kit form. SNUG HOME GROUP KITS contain everything you will need to fully construct your complete home extension. All the nails, screws, fixings…. all included within the structural kit.

You will then be presented with the actual construction itself. Our Director and Product Designer has over 40 years of world wide experience within the building industry, working in places such as Soviet Russia to South Africa. His greatest concern SECOND ONLY TO product quality, was the simplicity of construction. This means that not only do you end up up with a beautifully designed and constructed HOME IMPROVEMENT, the installer/builder enjoys working with the SNUG system, and time on site is greatly reduced, therefore cutting costs and causing minimal disruption to the customer’s life.

Please watch our video on the home page which shows a sample extension being put together in our factory. You can see that our kits include everything from the floors to the roof. We don’t usually supply windows and doors, OR EXTERIOR FINISH ETC WHEN SUPPLYING KITS TO THE TRADE, but we have sources if required. Guttering and fascias etc are supplied as part of the kit, unless instructed to exclude them. Also the drawing shows an example of SOME exterior choices, brick, rendering, wood are all suitable for SNUG products, AS WELL AS OTHERS.

To get a quote please 'contact us' and we will arrange for one of our accredited installers or a SNUG CONSULTANT to visit you. They will discuss your requirements, explain your options and produce your quote, usually within 24 hours.